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Build a meaningful career with a team where People and Purpose come first.

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We're engineering the Future of Work.

We are motivated by building things that push the frontiers of our society and technology forward in a positive way. We take our mission really seriously, and we have a lot of fun learning about ourselves along the way. We’d love for you to join us.
Our values:

We invest in change-makers like you.

Work the way you want to.

We're a remote-first team that trusts each other to do our best work wherever we are — in Tunis or around the world. Our culture is open, autonomous, and low-ego.

Shape your dream career.

Work with innovative partners around the world on projects that make the world a better place — and never stop learning the latest technologies.

Join our friendly collective.

We're a team of curious and kind problem-solvers who enjoy challenging ourselves to do our best work — and support each other's growth.

Develop and deploy your favorite skills.

Everyone is unique — and we support your growth in the career path that's most exciting and challenging for you. We never stop learning!

Mobile Development

DevOps and Data

Web Development

“I chose a career in mobile development because thoughtful, well-designed apps can impact people's lives for the better - and at Think-it, I get to work with international teams and touch people's lives around the world."

“When I joined Think-it as a Web Developer, I fell in love with the exquisite work-life balance — but what I love even more is being surrounded by highly driven and kind fellow Think-iteers. It is simply the ideal place to become a better version of yourself!"

“My career as a data scientist at Think-it gives meaning to my life. My goal is to combine state-of-the-art technology with medical imaging to build an algorithm that detect tumors. In the meantime, I get to do what I’m passionate about with a team that I love. It never feels like work.”

Benefits and perks

Flexible culture and time-off

We offer a generous paid vacation policy and a flexible work culture — because results and balance are more important than the time you spend in the office.

Tech and travel

We offer free high-spec devices with whatever equipment you need to do your best work — and senior team members get a personal travel bonus each year.

Personal growth

We empower you to build your skills and self-confidence through a personal Learning & Development budget and sponsored technical certifications.


Improve your whole self. Not just your GitHub portfolio.

Technical expertise is only one piece of the puzzle. We help you develop the confidence you need to be a brilliant distributed engineer.


Get to know yourself.

  • Growth mindset
  • Self-management
  • Adaptability

Be a dream teammate.

  • Proactive communication
  • Empathy and feedback
  • Distributed collaboration

Challenge yourself and build things that matter.

We match you with partners where you can solve tough problems and really make an impact — not just push lines of code without asking questions.

Meet our partners

Jasper in Berlin

“I joined Think-it because it’s not your typical company: we focus on individual and collective growth and responsibility - and redefine what it means to be an engineer. Words like culture and technical excellence took on real meaning for me. Four years later, I am proud to invest everything I’ve learned at Think-it into my own tech start-up to help African farmers improve their operations in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Ghaith Limam, Think-it alumni
Co-Founder, Lima Labs

We’re reimagining modern teamwork.

We achieve brilliant results in our work — because we share common values, genuinely like each other, and focus on collective success through individual growth.

Flexible work culture
We trust each other to own and ship our work independently.

Diverse team
We represent 13+ nationalities from around the world, and 40% of us are women.

Open communication
We value honesty and kindness — there are no stupid questions, and your ideas matter.

Perks that feel like home
Enjoy shared meals, team events, ping pong, retreats, and an infinite supply of coffee and harissa.

Our Tunis HQ is our home away from home.

We’re a remote-first team — which makes the time we have together in person even more special.

Our coworking villa has state-of-the-art equipment, fiber optic Internet, plenty of natural light, and a pool.

Come find your favorite corner.

The future of work

Github doesn't check your passport.

Talent is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not. We integrate North
Africa's brightest engineers with partners around the world.

See how we're different

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I join Think-it instead of a bigger company somewhere else?

    We’re an agile international team on a mission to unlock human potential with technology — and make a local impact in Tunisia by working with teams around the world. We have a supportive and tight-knit team culture, sustainable revenue model, and big focus on personal growth — not traditional hierarchies.

    We learn a lot more from the diverse problems we’re solving with different partners than we would from working with one single product. If you want to work somewhere where you can speak your mind, improve your technical and personal skills, and make a global impact in Tunis, then Think-it might be a good fit for you!

  • What technologies would I get to work with?

    You will deepen your expertise in one of the following areas: DevOps and Data Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning, or Web and Mobile Development. We like to work with groundbreaking methodologies and technologies like React, Kubernetes, NLP, and microservices — and our focus on learning new things quickly helps us prepare for technology that hasn’t even been invented yet. We are a certified premium consulting partner with AWS.

  • What are your team values?

    Our team values are: Collectivism, Ownership, Trust, and Fairness. We are on a mission to achieve collective success through the transformative experience of individual growth and empowerment. Each Think-iteer is encouraged to be an ambassador of our spirit and values — despite working across diverse locations, teams, and cultures.

  • What is the work environment like?

    Our workplace culture is autonomous and remote-first: We don’t have fixed working hours and you can work from anywhere you want. Most of our Think-iteers are based in Tunis, but we also have teammates around the world! For Think-iteers based in Tunis, you are welcome to join us anytime at our large and well-equipped office space including a kitchen, garden, and pool.

  • What kind of partners would I get to work with?

    We partner with high-tech companies, start-ups, and NGOs / not-profit organizations building innovative and people-centric products that make our world a better place — like DNA sequencing, NGO analytics, mental health tech, solar energy applications, blockchain cloud services, fraud detection, and tire safety. You could partner with an early-stage startup helping them build out their first prototype, or join an innovations lab within a larger company working on digital transformation.

  • Do I have to live in Tunis to work at Think-it?

    Nope! Our workplace culture is autonomous and remote-first; most of our Think-iteers are based in Tunis, but we also have teammates in other places around the world (including Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, and more). We are also aiming to be able to support more Think-iteers who wish to relocate from Tunis to other places in the world too — stay tuned!

  • What do you look for in engineers?

    We look for curious problem-solvers with a demonstrated commitment to becoming of a master of your technical craft — whether that’s a degree, previous internship experience, participation in hackathons and community events, or online learning. It also takes more than just technical talent to be a Think-iteer: We look for truly kind, humble, and open-minded problem-solvers who learn new things quickly and share our vision and values.

  • What are the opportunities for personal growth?

    Our entire vision and culture is focused on personal growth — we never stop learning! Our culture is a meritocracy — we support you in taking on leadership roles and challenging opportunities that move your career forward faster. We cover the costs of technical certifications, and every Think-iteer receives a personal Learning & Development budget to spend on skills that are interesting to you.