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We've Already Helped Your Peers

German OEM

We successfully enabled them as one of the first companies within the Catena-X consortium to integrate and operationalize a secure and sovereign system - allowing users to exchange data with other organizations within their familiar cloud data portal.

German Tier 1 Supplier

We successfully operationalized the EDC in their cloud environment to test different Catena-X use cases for data sharing. By consulting and asking the right questions we provided relevant expertise around connector setup and configuration on the cloud to solve roadblocks and speed up the implementation phase.

EDC Open Source Project

As one of the main committers and most prolific contributors we have unique expertise about how the EDC works and the necessary steps to fully operationalize it within your environment.

How we'll work with you

Consulting Services and Strategic Advisory

Integration, Operationalization, and Optimization

Managed Services

We'll advise you on how to establish sovereign data exchange. We share knowledge and get you up to speed on key aspects and consult on use case ideation. Additionally, we'll provide you ongoing advisory by augmenting your team with a data space expert for as long as you need it.

We can provide and manage data space connectors as a SaaS for you, while providing continued updates and insights, so you can focus on your core business.

We overtake full ownership for integration and operationalization of data space connectors in close collaboration with your internal teams including knowledge transfer and handover. And no need to worry; we provide ongoing support to ensure smooth operations as new connector updates are released.

Why are we the ideal trusted partner for you?

Source-code level insight

Our deep involvement in the Eclipse Data Space Open-Source project Gives us first-hand insight and advantages to challenges that will arise. That enables us to give the right advice and implement data spaces and connectors in a way that’s customized to your needs.

Step-by-step guidance

Our very early-stage involvement within the Mobility Data Space (MDS), Catena-X, and the EDC Open-Source effort enable us to help you ask the right questions and define requirements for the implementation phase.

Save time + money

We've already solved for the learning curve, so you don't waste precious resources. Instead you get immediate expertise around data space connectors as well as their setup and configuration in different cloud environments at your fingertips.

Data Space Connectors

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