Break down your data walls.

We help unleash your potential with scalable cloud data infrastructure – built to last.

Innovation happens when the right people have the right data.

Building future-proof cloud data ecosystems is key to your success. But it’s hard to get started when:

You’re still trying to convince leadership.

Your data is scattered.

You don't have the right expertise on your team.


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We have an average satisfaction score of 9 of out 10.

“Think-it’s deep expertise in AWS technologies - including Lambda, CloudFormation, Glue ETL, and the CDK - is helping us make our Cloud Data Hub vision a reality. As a young and agile team, Think-it’s cloud-native mindset and data fluency are critical success factors for our CDH design and development - and ultimately, accelerating the end-to-end data insights that inform our group-wide product strategy.”

Josef Viehhauser
Product Owner, BMW CDH

We’re AWS Certified

Brilliant cloud data solutions.
Tailored for you.

We help you go from reactive to predictive through data-driven and cloud-native distributed collaboration.

Envision and experiment

Create a cloud strategy roadmap that’s tailored to your organization — and learn quickly with Proofs-of-Concept for new use cases.

  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Microservices architecture

Migrate and optimize

Efficiently and safely shift your data, systems, and applications to the cloud — and deploy your container workloads.

  • Servers
  • VMs
  • Storage
  • Serverless architecture

Improve and transform

Strengthen your overall business function by redesigning your application architecture with DevOps core strategies, theories, and designs.

  • CI/CD
  • Monitoring, logging, and performance
  • Serverless architecture
  • Micro-services

Cloud-native is our state of mind.

We hire natural problem-solvers with high EQ and data fluency, who spend their downtime learning new things quickly.

Cutting-edge DevOps and Cloud practices

Confidence in IaC, container-orchestration, CI/CD pipelines, automated alerting and monitoring, and cloud architecture design with today’s best tools and platforms.

Agile programmers

Confidence in different languages like Python, Javascript, and Golang — and agile product assessment and project management.

Cloud-native mindsets

Experience working with various microservices and serverless architecture,leveraging AWS, GCP, and DevOps best practices such as CI/CD.

Soft skills and leadership

High stakeholder empathy, flexibility, and the ability to translate complex concepts into clear solutions and decision-making.