Elevate your infrastructure (don’t settle for cloud mediocrity).

Unleash your potential with scalable DevOps and cloud engineering – built to last.

Innovation is born when talent and purpose converge.

Time-to-market and system availability are key to your success. But it’s hard to maintain when:

Your systems are inefficient.

You have to meet new regulatory compliance.

You lack the DevOps cloud expertise.

You have compatibility and interoperability issues.


Category leaders trust us to navigate complexity.

We have a world-class NPS of 72 and an average satisfaction score of 9 out of 10.

“Think-it’s deep expertise in AWS technologies - including Lambda, CloudFormation, Glue ETL, and the CDK - is helping us make our Cloud Data Hub vision a reality. As a young and agile team, Think-it’s cloud-native mindset and data fluency are critical success factors for our CDH design and development - and ultimately, accelerating the end-to-end data insights that inform our group-wide product strategy.”

Josef Viehhauser
Product Owner, BMW CDH

"Think-it was a great partner in bringing our platform to life. What stood out to us was their deep technical expertise in AWS cloud engineering, the agility of delivery, and the level of ownership the team took throughout our collaboration. They are extremely proactive and intrinsically motivated to come up with the best solution — which gave us a lot of confidence in their results, and allowed us to fully focus on the business side of taking our product to the next level."

Tom Chenna
Founder and CEO of Mainteny

"Think-it has been an essential partner for us on the Eclipse Dataspace Connector project in support
of Catena-X and the Mobility Dataspace (MDS). We were able to deliver what we promised.
Our Think-it team onboarded onto the project extremely quickly and integrated themselves as
valued contributors in the developer community with very high standing — helping them credibly
drive the work forward on our behalf. Fantastic work — thank you!’’

Product Owner of large OEM

We’re AWS Certified (but still best friends with Azure and GCP)

AWS advanced tier partner AWS Security Specialty AWS MachineLearning Specialty AWS Solutions Architect

Brilliant cloud data solutions.
Tailored for you.

We simplify your technology landscape with next-gen, sustainable cloud solutions.

Envision and experiment

Create a cloud strategy roadmap that’s tailored to your organization — and learn quickly with Proofs-of-Concept for new use cases.

  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Microservices architecture

Migrate and optimize

Efficiently and safely shift your data, systems, and applications to the cloud — and deploy your container workloads.

  • Servers
  • VMs
  • Storage
  • Serverless architecture

Improve and transform

Strengthen your overall business function by redesigning your application architecture with DevOps core strategies, theories, and designs.

  • CI/CD
  • Monitoring, logging, and performance
  • Serverless architecture
  • Micro-services

Cloud-native is our state of mind.

You get a team that uniquely possesses technical acumen, people skills, and a planetary mindset. Completely committed to your cause, they relish challenges and constantly seek to push the boundaries of innovation.

Cutting-edge DevOps and Cloud practices

Authorities in IaC, container-orchestration, CI/CD pipelines, automated alerting and monitoring, and cloud architecture design with today’s best tools and platforms.

Agile programmers

Proficient in different languages like Python, Javascript, and Golang — and agile product assessment and project management.

Cloud-native mindsets

Experts in working with various microservices and serverless architecture,leveraging AWS, GCP, and DevOps best practices such as CI/CD.

Soft skills and leadership

High stakeholder empathy, flexibility, and the ability to translate complex concepts into clear solutions and decision-making.